Speech, Language + Literacy

Is your child hard to understand?

Can your child take part in a conversation?
Does your child need help with reading and writing?

You have come to the right place!

Speech Language and Literacy

How we can help

Our Speech Language Pathologists work together with families to help your child develop speech, language and literacy skills.

Our OCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS help with handwriting, coordination and social skills.

We use play-based activities with individual children and in groups to help them learn to communicate effectively.

Our assessments and therapy can be provided in child care centres, kindergartens and schools.

Your child may

  • Say words incorrectly
  • Have difficulty understanding what is said
  • Have difficulty following instructions
  • Find it challenging to share thoughts and feelings
  • Repeat words and find it hard to speak smoothly
  • Find it difficult to interact with peers
  • Be slow in learning to read or write


  • Hanen: More than Words and It Takes Two to Talk
  • The Lidcombe Program for stuttering
  • Secret Agents Society
  • Spalding Method
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
    • Key Word Signing
    • Proloquo2go
    • PECS Picture Exchange Communication System
    • PODD Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display

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