Managing your kid’s emotions and breathing with BUBBLES! (or Tiny Balls Of Soapy Rainbows)


Managing your kid’s emotions and breathing with bubbles! (or Tiny Balls Of Soapy Rainbows)

Children’s and Teens’ Therapy Services, Occupational Therapists, Casey talks about the importance of how to help your little ones to calm down, breathe, connect with their emotions, and self-regulation. This article may help with your kid’s behavioural issues, anger management, frustrations, or any anxiety issues.

As Casey explains in the video, it can be really hard to slow down sometimes when your kids have so much going on in their heads. So, it is great and beneficial that young kids are willing to work on managing their emotions and working on their emotions themselves.

There are a number of ways to get your kids to slow down and breathe, but Casey has one particular method: BUBBLES! (aka tiny balls of soapy rainbows)

Why bubbles? Casey explains that the act of blowing bubbles forces your kids to breathe.

“Rather than telling your kids to just “take big breaths”, you may find that does not sometimes work. However, if you give your kids a super fun bubble stick, and tell them to blow the biggest bubble EVER or blow as many bubbles as they can, you suddenly have a kid that is really engaged in lots of deep breathing.”

“Before they must blow those big bubbles, they must inhale. And so, while you are playing with bubbles you are doing a rhythmic breathing experience. Which is important for self-regulation. If you do not have enough oxygen in your brain and body your kids may find it even more challenging to focus.”

Casey explains “You can see that it calms them down straight away, which has a mini effect on getting more thoughts and oxygen into their little bodies.”

That is the power of bubbles!
There is a science to it, they aren’t just tiny balls of soapy rainbows.

This is just one of the techniques that therapists use to deal with any behaviour issues. To find out more services that our therapists can offer, visit our services page.

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