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chairThe National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being rolled-out across Australia and, on 1 January 2019, the NDIS will begin on the Sunshine Coast. The Children’s Therapy Centre Board acknowledges the positive and significant impact that the NDIS is expected to have on the lives of people with disabilities and their families. Through the NDIS, people with disabilities will access reasonable and necessary supports to live the life they want and achieve their goals and aspirations. Most importantly, people with disabilities will have choice and control over the services they access.

This national policy and funding change is a compelling call to action for the Children’s Therapy Centre because it will impact significantly on the financial sustainability of our business. We must be absolutely clear about the urgency of our situation. If the NDIS was operational now, our revenue would be about 20 percent less than we currently receive each year and consequently, if we do not adapt to meet our changing circumstances, the very existence of the Children’s Therapy Centre will be in jeopardy.

To meet the challenges of the NDIS, the Board has been through a period of considered review and reached a number of conclusions that underpin our renewed focus for the future. We recognise our responsibility to provide strong leadership of the organisation during this time of transition to the new national system. We must prepare for a customer oriented environment in which commercial and professional objectives must co-exist to ensure financial sustainability and preferred provider reputation. We must expand the scope, quantity and reach of our services, move to a fee-for-service model and attract clients by offering superior services in a competitive market environment.

During our renewal process, we will be guided by five key principles:

  • Client-oriented service excellence at NDIS standards
  • Demand driven growth and diversification of services
  • Development of partnerships and alliances
  • Improved productivity through contemporary practice management
  • Cohesive organisational governance, leadership, management and service delivery.

The Board acknowledges the tremendous legacy of previous management committees, staff, clients, volunteers and generous benefactors. The policy and funding environment of each era has been navigated diligently to ensure local people had access to vital therapy services. The Board is determined to address the significant challenges of the new era with diligence equal to those who have gone before us.

Richard Hancock

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