Is your child a fussy eater?

Are mealtimes challenging?

You have come to the right place!

How we can help

Our Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists can assess whether your child has chewing and swallowing difficulties. They can assess whether fussy eating is related to sensory issues, anxiety or motor skills.

We work with you to understand why this is happening. Together, we can develop strategies to help make mealtimes easier. We can suggest which food types to try first and how to introduce new food.

We aim to create an ideal mealtime environment to support good mealtime behaviour. This will assist your child to develop better eating routines.

Your child may:

  • Not be able to eat some foods safely; they might cough, gag or refuse the food
  • Not eat enough to have the energy to play, learn and explore
  • Only eat a small range of foods
  • Refuse to eat from an entire food group for a prolonged time
  • Not be able to feed themselves

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